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If you are in the Carol Stream area and interested in orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child, we encourage you to contact All About Yue Orthodontics. Dr. Yue and his staff are always available to answer any questions that you might have. We look forward to welcoming you into the All About Yue Orthodontics family! Call 630-882-0988 to schedule a free consulation.

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Carol Stream Orthodontic Treatments

Building beautiful and healthy smiles is our priority at All About Yue Orthodontics. Located in Carol Steam, our Doctor and friendly team are committed to creating a comfortable environment for our patients while delivering efficient and effective care. We treat children, teens and adults with orthodontic treatment with different types of braces to fit the individual needs of our patients. We know that choosing an orthodontist is a big decision, which is why we try and make your first appointment as comfortable as possible.

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Metal Braces

The most popular treatment we offer in Carol Stream, traditional metal braces use stainless steel brackets and wires to move the teeth. They’re durable and reliable, and modern braces are thinner, lighter, and more comfortable than those of the past, making for a more aesthetically appealing option.

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Clear Braces

These work the same basic way as metal braces, but instead of stainless steel, the brackets are made from a clear ceramic composite material. This allows the brackets to blend in with teeth, making for a less noticeable form of braces. The only drawback is that clear braces are slightly more fragile than metal braces.

Clear Aligners Spark and Invisalign Carol Stream, Glendale Heights, Bloomingdale, Keeneyville All About Yue Orthodontist

Clear Aligners

Spark and Invisalign do away with brackets and wires entirely, instead using a series of clear, removable aligners to straighten the teeth. These aligners fit directly onto the teeth, are virtually invisible when worn, and can be removed to eat, brush, and floss. This makes Invisalign one of the most discreet and convenient treatments on the market and one of our most popular options for adult treatment.

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Meet Dr. Isaac Yue – Your trusted Carol Stream Orthodontist

Dr. Isaac Yue is a board certified orthodontist who is passionate about creating the best confidence building smiles for families in Carol Stream. Dr. Yue has been practicing orthodontics in Chicagoland area for the past twenty years, creating happy, healthy smiles for thousands of patients. Beyond heading up his practice, Dr. Yue also serves as a Clinical Associate Professor and Course Director of Biomechanics and Biomaterials at the University of Illinois Department of Orthodontics. At his practice, he is certified as an Invisalign® Premier Provider and also has a passion for helping craniofacial patients.

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